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From Chong Yu Meng <>
Subject Re: error starting apache w/ mod_jk2
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 00:20:34 GMT
Hello Vincent,

Pascal Chong is me. I use the "pseudonym" for 2 reasons :

1. Most Caucasians have difficulty parsing Chinese names -- they don't 
know which is my family name and which my given name. This results in 
some bizarre things like being called Mr Meng, or hey, Yu. Having an 
English name helps.

2. Pascal is a name I had to adopt when I was studying in the l'Institut 
Franco-Singaporien (the French-Singapore Institute). Everyone had a 
French name there because my French lecturers had difficulty pronouncing 
our Chinese names, which, though sounding far sexier when said with a 
french accent, were often twisted in ways we could never have imagined.

On to your question :

If you notice, the entry in the error_log says : "[notice]" not 
"[error]". I have a theory on this, but I'm not sure if it is correct :

Some contribution was probably made to the mod_jk2 code base and/or 
documentation by a Japanese. The reason for this assumption is the look 
and feel of the documentation pages for mod_jk2 which differ from the 
rest of the Tomcat documentation. There are other clues in the error 
messages. This is significant because I am thinking that the phrase 
"mod_jk child init 1 -1" actually refers to a one-to-one or 
non-load-balanced configuration. In other words, it should read "mod_jk 
child init 1 - 1". Seen in this light, the error that you saw may seem 
to indicate that one part of your configuration is not being seen by 
mod_jk2. This would align with my own impressions of Japanese software 
(yes, I have some experience, having worked with Japanese wafer 
probers). But again, this is just conjecture. The developers of mod_jk2 
have been silent on this list, so we may never know.

pascal chong

Vincent J. Buonassisi wrote:

> hi,
> i installed apache 2.0.45 as per your suggestion of using a different 
> one than the one that  comes w/ redhat.  however, i did read an email 
> sent a couple of days ago by pascal chong where he writes that when 
> his apache2 successfully loaded mod_jk2 he would get the following in 
> the apache error_log file:
>> [Tue May 27 13:45:45 2003] [notice] workerEnv.init() ok 
>> /etc/httpd2/conf/
>> [Tue May 27 13:45:45 2003] [notice] mod_jk child init 1 -1
> so, it seems to me that apache or mod_jk2 is trying to say that 
> something is wrong when being loaded w/o giving the slightest hint as 
> to what it could be.  any suggestions?
> thanks,
> vince

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