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From Rick Roberts <>
Subject Tomcat4 / Apache2 / mod_jk2 / Redhat 9 / FalseHope RPMs
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 19:28:50 GMT
I have a working install using all RPMs.
At least the tomcat examples are running.

I installed the FalseHope RPM, Tomcat4 RPM and mod_jk2 RPM.

The FalseHope RPM uses ports 8092(http) and 8093(https) by default.

If I change the httpd2.conf and the ssl.conf to use port 80 and port 
443, I get errors.

If i change httpd2.conf to use port 80, I get a port already used error 
when I try to restart apache ( /etc/init.d/httpd2 restart ).

However; when I run 'lsof | grep LISTEN' nothing is running on port 80.

If I change ssl.conf to Listen on port 443, I can start apache OK, but I 
get the cannot connect error when I try the url 

Can anyone advise me about how to proceed?


* Rick Roberts                            *
* Advanced Information Technologies, Inc. *

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