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From Tim Funk <>
Subject [ot] Re: Tomcat and Weblogic Integration
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 15:20:42 GMT
I must disagree with weblogic performance from my own painful experience. I 
ran a site with weblogic which was as stable as a 2 year old running with a 
oversized beach ball on a windy day.

We were told it was our coding (it was bad, but not that bad). They had one 
of their ISVs come in and critique our site and they said they could rewrite 
it in 4 months and a LOT of money and all would be solved. Meaning we had to 
freeze all work for 4 months. We were tempted to do so because of the 
stability issues.

Then we switched to tomcat + apache - the speed was measurably faster and 
much more reliable/stable with no code changes (excluding fixing some servlet 
api compliance issues). The only real code difference was I needed to write a 
database pooling library (couldn't use dbcp yet) and bridge to the custom 
weblogic code we were using.


Kannan Sundararajan wrote:
> I disagree on this Yoav. I have used both WebLogic and Tomcat. You pay what
> you get it. If it is free that is your/our choice. Positively weblogic is
> much more and better than tomcat. But still price concerns, we are using
> tomcat. But if you on quality and the performance, weblogic is always
> better. 
> WebLogic.jar is specific to weblogic and if you are using against other jar
> files, there could be lot of times you may end up getting error. I don't
> think legally it is advisable to use the jar files from WebLogic to tomcat,
> unless you pay for the jar file for weblogic. 

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