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From Chong Yu Meng <>
Subject Apache 2 + Tomcat 4.1.x + mod_jk2
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 09:03:32 GMT
Almost done ! I got the setup working after some trial-and-error poking 
around. I have several questions though :

1. It appears that there have been some changes in the configuration 
files : for example, the web application contexts are no longer 
"mounted" using the JkMount directive in httpd2.conf, as they were in 
mod_jk. In fact, it appears that mod_jk2 reads configuration information 
first from, then For people using rpm 
files to install mod_jk2, the file mod_jk.conf appears not to be needed 

2. I understood how the connector worked in mod_jk, where you had to 
name a "worker" (in mod_jk.conf or httpd.conf, with JkMount directive), 
then specify the port, host and type for that worker in This was your "connection" between Apache 
(httpd.conf) and mod_jk ( For mod_jk2, there seems 
to be no configuration information in httpd2.conf (except for the 
LoadModule directive), and mod_jk2 appears to obtain its configuration 
information from, followed by when 
Tomcat starts up. Am I correct in this observation ?

3. For my setup, it seems as if Apache 2 is trying to attempt two 
connections. Why I say this is : when I startup Tomcat, followed by 
Apache later, I can access my servlets and JSPs, but, invariably, after 
the first attempt fails with an Internal Server error. I will get an 
error that mentions a timeout when Apache tries to connect to Tomcat 
(see below, from error_log for Apache 2):

[Thu May 15 12:56:36 2003] [error] lb_worker.service() worker init 
timeout for channel.jni:jni
[Thu May 15 12:56:36 2003] [error] lb.service() worker failed ajp13:jni
[Thu May 15 12:56:36 2003] [error] lb.service() unrecoverable error...
[Thu May 15 12:56:36 2003] [error] mod_jk.handler() Error connecting to 
tomcat 120000

But the next attempt and every subsequent attempt after that succeeds. 
This is more an annoyance than anything else, but since I am going to be 
drafting a short HOW-TO on this, I thought I should at least be as 
thorough as possible. Or is there something wrong with my,

Thanks and Regards,
pascal chong

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