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From Charlene <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Stops
Date Mon, 05 May 2003 23:11:29 GMT
I have that happen too with 4.1.24-LE.  I happen to have software on my 
W2K box that catches programs when they crash, and the error is an 
access violation.  I am using the Sun AppServer's JDK for JAVA_HOME. 
 This only happens once a day at most, but I'm using it for training for 
myself only so its not being used much at all.

Also, I had an earlier version up and running fine, but when I loaded 
Sun App Server 7, something happened and it wouldn't start as a service. 
 But when I ran the batch start file it ran fine except (and this is 
really wierd) it wouldn't register in the task manager that it was running.

I'm just waiting for the next stable release.


Steve Ellis wrote:

>Hi all, I'm testing Tomcat 4.1.18-LE on Red Hat Linux release 7.2 with the J2RE. I've
followed all the standard configuration steps and am able to get it to run fine. Unfortunately
Tomcat stops without warning (or apparently any log messages) several times a day. Restarting
fixes the problem, but obviously we'd like to have it be a bit more stable. I noticed some
traffic about this last year in the archive, but no one posted a resolution. We are running
Apache on the same server and I'm thinking there could be some kind of conflict, but nothing
I've read says Appache should be stopped. The Tomcat and Apache ports are not shared. Any
help would be much appreciated. Steve
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