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From pablo a maurin <>
Subject Re: Apache + mod_jk2 question
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 14:26:13 GMT

Thanks for all the advice,  I set it up so that I careated a symlink 
from /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat/webapps/servlet to 
/var/www/  This way I can keep my web guy working in 
the /var/www/my-apps tree. 

Also I switched to mod_jk from mod_jk2 after reading your howto.  Thanks 
for such a clean and simple document.  I really appreciate the auto 
config generation.  This way I was able to quickly get something 
working.  Then I used the autogenerated  apache config and manually 
modified to have ssl support, etc...  Though I may not yet know what all 
the directives might do,  with the autoconfig I was able to get 
something working which is what I really needed.

Once again thanks for all the help and most importantly your howto.


John Turner wrote:

> Almost there.  You might want to reconsider your Host's appBase...if 
> you put "/servlet" in there, you will start having messy problems if 
> you add addition Contexts, like URLs that say something like 
> "/var/www/my-".  Think of appBase as the 
> base where web applications will be, not the base of a web 
> application.  With an appBase of "/var/www/" you can have 
> "/var/www/" and "/var/www/" quite 
> easily.  So, I would change your Context's docBase from "" to 
> "/servlet", and change your appBase, but that's me.
> Regarding the error messages, I don't use JK2, so I won't be much help 
> there...perhaps someone else has a suggestion.
> John

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