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Subject [Half-OT] Background apps in webapp ?
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 12:12:46 GMT

I've to developp a small java app for my webapp ; it must check every 10
mins (for example) some data into my oracle database and react according
to some values (still for example, if a date stored in a field is today,
send a mail to a person).

I thought I may build a standalone app, which would run in background. But
i'd like this app to retrieve data from my webapp's web.xml (as you can do
in servlets/tags/snippets with getInitParameter())

Is there a technology which allow such things ? Or should i try to "force"
the parsing of the web.xml file while completely ignoring the webapp &
Tomcat's features ? Or, do you have other ideas ? :)

Thx a lot,


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