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From "Reena Kawal" <>
Subject Form-based authentication not returning to original request page
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 01:22:30 GMT
I have set up form-based authentication on my web application, but am not seeing the expected

I enter in a valid URL for my web application (which is set to be the root), e.g.

When I enter this URL, I am redirected to the Login.html page specified in my web.xml file
as expected.  
If I enter a wrong username and password, I get the Error.html page specified in my web.xml
file as expected. 

However, if I enter a valid username and password, I am redirected to http://myserver:8080/images/spacer.gif
 (this is a valid image I use on several pages), rather than the original URL I typed in (Index.html).
 If at this point, I then retype in http://myserver:8080/Index.html, I can go to the page
(I am authenticated.)  

I am using this with a JDBCRealm which seems to be configured correctly (it works using BASIC

Any ideas on why I am not redirected back to the original page?

Thanks in advance for any help -

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