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From Aaron Peterson <>
Subject newline in http header
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 02:36:56 GMT

I am having an odd problem when using tomcat in conjunction with a reverse
proxy (apache mod_proxy, and mod_rewrite).  I have been using mod_rewrite
successfully for almost two years as a reverse proxy for our network.  The
problem is that when I use it to view a tomcat server, I get a newline in
the http header, and it shows the last part of the headers in the browser,
and screws up the formatting. 

The part that seems even more odd, is that I see a few random hex numbers in
the html output, one after the headers (in one case, 2f0), and one at the
end of the page (in one case, 0).  

I can reproduce this on several tomcat servers, with different applications
installed (including jfreechart).  This behaviour happens even on a straight
html page (within tomcat). 

I tried using squid instead of apache for a proxy, and it did not have these
problems, but the reverse proxy support in squid is not complete, and is in

I am using tomcat 4.1, and apache 1.3.26-1.1 on debian.  



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