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From Gerrit Einhoff <>
Subject Session tracking over redirections with multiple domain names
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 22:46:31 GMT

I got the following web application setup with Tomcat 4.0.3 behind Apache 1.3:

JSP1 with a <form> 
--POST--> servlet 
--relative-redirect(response.sendRedirect())--> JSP2

A session is supposed to be held over all three requests (JSP, servlet, JSP). 
The problem is that my host has multiple domain-names, but Tomcat sends the 
redirect to the domain name that is configured in the <host>-tag in 
server.xml. This is no problem with URL-rewriting but looses the session for 
JSP2 if cookies are used.


<host name=""> and both point to the same virtual server in apache.

browse to:
submit form
--> request:
servlet uses response.sendRedirect("JSP2");
Tomcat sends:
--> redirect:

Now since the browser registered the cookie for, it does not send 
it back for the JSP2 request. Therefore JSP2 requests a new cookie and looses 
the old session.

Is there a way to tell Tomcat to use the same domain for redirect that the 
request used? Is there another way to avoid this problem?

I already experimented with the <Alias> field in <Host>, but I don't really 
understand what it's good for... Can anybody explain?

Thanks a lot, Gerrit

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