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From "pawan" <>
Subject how to load a property file in tomcat4.1.24???
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 13:11:51 GMT
Hello Everyone,

in my application's web-inf/classes folder i have a package named "common"
in that i have a file ""

in which i am loading a property file in static block, by using the
ClassLoader.. now to load ALERT_CONFIG_FILE this file should eb in
classpath. so i have set the classpath to


and i have put my file Shyam.config in there. But its giving error when i
call this class by a jsp page in tomcat.

Its working file if i use command line argument e.g.
C:\jakarta-tomcat-4.1.24\webapps\shyam\WEB-INF\classes>java common.Alerter

I think i need to set the CLASSPATH variable for tomcat window where all
console output comes.

Please help me how i can make it work?? Or is there any other alternative??

Thank you in advance.

Here is a part of source code

private static final String ALERT_CONFIG_FILE ="Shyam.config";

            cfg =  getAlertConfig();
		catch(Exception e){}

 public static Properties getAlertConfig() throws IOException

		Properties prop = new Properties();
			InputStream fin =
			System.out.println("File Loaded Successfully");
		catch(Exception e)
			System.out.println("Either ALERT Configuration file: '"
+ALERT_CONFIG_FILE+"' Not found in CLASSPATH or it can not be read");
		return prop;

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