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From "Brian McDonald" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 4.1: non-LE or LE
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 16:48:35 GMT
I imagine I don't need connection pooling at this stage of my development. I'm
more concerned - as I've written at the top of this thread - with setting up a
development environment for an end-to-end XML-based JSP application. And even
though I don't /need/ to integrate Tomcat with IIS5 on my W2K machine to develop
this app, it seems like a valuable exercise in and of itself. That said, if it
proves to be too maddening a process - I'll short circuit and go for Tomcat

I don't know very much about Java's XML processing capability. But it sounds
like Jacob is stating that I'll be able - at the very least - to use
j2sdk1.4.x's Crimson. But what if I want Xerces? (Why wouldn't I?) Can I add
that capability to j2sdk1.4.x? I realize that these sound like questions for a
J2SE newsgroup... but can someone tell me specifically how choosing Tomcat-LE
will affect me in this regard - i.e., with regard to XML support?

And, Yoav, I would prefer to get the download/install right /before/ I bang my
head against unnecessary problems. That's why I'm posting to Tomcat-Users!
Expert advice and insight! I'm a newbie not a newborn!


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jacob Kjome [] 
> Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2003 11:06 AM
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: RE: Tomcat 4.1: non-LE or LE
> At 09:07 AM 5/7/2003 -0400, you wrote:
> >There are no ramifications [to using the Tomcat LE version] 
> if you have
> >JDK 1.4.  That's why it's so
> >simple ;)
> Hi Yoav,
> I beg to differ on this issue.  There *are* ramifications to 
> using the LE 
> version because the way it is set up.   The difference isn't 
> just that 
> Tomcat doesn't include libraries that the j2sdk1.4.x already 
> provides.  It 
> excludes stuff like, for instance, commons-dbcp, so you when 
> you try to use 
> container managed connection pooling in Tomcat, it will just 
> blow up at you 
> at runtime.  There are other similar cases that I won't 
> detail here.  Why 
> these essential libraries are excluded as part of the LE 
> release, I fail to 
> understand....especially when the README pretty much talks about only 
> excluding libraries that duplicate j2sdk1.4.x functionality.  Quite 
> misleading.  Also, if your app requires Xerces (which it shouldn't, 
> but....) then you will feel the ramifications since 
> j2sdk1.4.x provides 
> only Crimson.  Xerces is probably also faster and more up to 
> date with the 
> specs since it is actively developed where Crimson 
> development is pretty 
> much stagnant.
> These are the reasons why this thread continues on and on.  I 
> just use the 
> full release of Tomcat because I want its full functionality 
> and don't want 
> to have to worry about things blowing up in my face when I 
> use standard 
> Tomcat features and have to wonder which commons-* libraries I'm 
> missing.  The download isn't that much bigger and it avoids a 
> whole bunch 
> of headaches.
> My $0.02
> Jake 

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