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From "Paul \(BRI\)" <>
Subject Tomcat / JDBC / MS SQL / Connection lost and won't reconnect
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 15:28:10 GMT
I am having a problem that I am guessing can't be uncommon. I wanted to
provide details on my exact setup to see if anyone has solved this...or
if I am doing something stupid..

I have: Tomcat 4.1.x, Microsoft's JDBC Type 4 driver, and MS SQL Server
2000. Tomcat is running on a linux (red hat) box and SQL Server is
running on a separate box (with Windows 2000 Server). The application
sitting on the linux box is a web application. Tomcat is the only server
(for the web and servlets).

I noticed that if there is any interruption in the network connection
between the two boxes the connection is dropped and Tomcat (or the
driver) will not reconnect until I shutdown/startup Tomcat. I have seen
some code for autoReconnect for mySQL and wasn't clear if that was the
answer for MS drivers. If so, what is the syntax for this? 

I am curious if this is common. Or, is using a Microsoft Driver the
problem? :o It seens hard to believe that the default behavior of the
driver allows for this connection drop. Am I doing something else wrong?

Below is the resource entry in my server.xml file. Thank you very much
for your help. Paul

<!-- connection pooling -->
<Resource name="jdbc/myName" auth="Container"

	<ResourceParams name="jdbc/myName">

	<!--MS SQL User name-->

	<!--MS SQL Password-->

	<!--JDBC Driver Class Name-->

	<!--MS SQL Server Url*-->

	<!--To configure a DBCP DataSource so that abandoned dB
connections are removed and recycled -->

	<!--Use the removeAbandonedTimeout parameter / seoonds.-->

	<!-- Maximum number of dB connections in pool.  Set to 0 for no
limit. -->
	<!-- Maximum number of idle dB connections to retain in pool.
Set to 0 for no limit.-->

	<!-- Maximum time to wait for a dB connection to become
available in ms,  Set to -1 to wait indefinitely. -->
<-- end //-->

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