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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat IIS Authentication Problem
Date Sat, 26 Apr 2003 08:19:45 GMT
There is currently no support for two-way authentication Tomcat <->
Apache/IIS/iPlanet.  It is a wish-list item for a future version of Jk2
however.  At the moment, you can choose who authenticates if Tomcat ends up
serving the page.  What you can't do is to have Tomcat authenticate a user
for a page (e.g. default.asp) that the WebServer will end up serving.

"Mark Silva" <> wrote in message
The authentication mechanism I am using is a custom one, meaning, it is not
the standard HTTP authentication.

It involves a few screens that are severed to the user, and also and applet
that communicates with some hardware on the client...

soo i need a way to do custom authentication, and communication between
tomcat and iis.  is this possible?  by custom authentication, all i need to
do is store some state information in IIIS, sent by Tomcat when the
authentication has happened, then the user can be redirected to the initial
page they requested (before they were made ot authenticate), and the IIS
filter should pass him through, due to the new state variable that is set.

hmmm...  a tough one, no?


...written by reynir

You should use isapi_redirector2.dll, and then you can flag where to do the
authentication by having the following line in your :


This means tomcat will take care of authentication, but if it's set to
false, IIS will do the authenticating.

Instructions on how to setup jk2 are available on the jakarta website, but I
also posted a quick manual on how to do it the most simple way, on my
website, you can check that out too.

Hope it helps

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Silva
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2003 10:33 AM
Subject: Tomcat IIS Authentication Problem


I have an intersting problem.  I need to use the IIS Web Server, but
authenticate through a Tomcat Application.  The Tomcat Application
does some interesting things, and would take too much time to port to
a Microsoft language (since it is in Servlets, JSPs).

So I am wondering if anybody has done this before?  I know how to
redirect to Tomcat using ISAPI filter extension (isapi_redirect.dll)
but I am not sure how to communicate between the two layers, so that
the ISAPI filter knows if the user has authenticated before (using
some session info passed from tomcat).  Is there a way for Tom cat to pass
some sort of parameters to the Extension layers, when authentication has

any ideas?


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