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From Vic Cekvenich>
Subject Ann: Best practices Struts for tech. proj. leads public workshop
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 21:00:09 GMT

baseBeans engineering won best training by readers of JDJ and published 
the first book on Struts called FastTrack to Struts.

Upcoming class is live in NYC, on 5/2 from 7:30 AM to 1:00PM. We will 
cover db driven web site development, process, validation, tiles, multi 
row, J2EE security, DAO, development process, SQL tuning, etc.
We will teach a project tech lead methods that will increase the 
productivity of his team and review best practices, so that they can 
benchmark their environment.

*Sign up now for $150, the price will be $450 soon as we get closer to 
the date (price goes up every few days). The web site to sign up on is 
** .
You will receive a lab/content CD when you sign up.
Contact us for more details.

·	We preach and teach simple.
·	We use a very fast DAO DB Layer – with DAO side data cache
·	We use JSTL
·	We use a list backed Bean w/ DAO helper design for access to any 
native source and to switch out DAO.
·	We use J2EE security, container managed declarative authorization and 
authentication. (no code, works on any app. server).
·	Struts based Content Management System. A Struts menu entry like this:
<Item  name="About_Contacts"  	title="About/Contacts"
toolTip="About Us and Contact Info" page="/do/cmsPg?content=ABOUT" />
passes to the action the parm of “about” which the DAO populates.

You can peak at the source code at 
or go to our site (16,000 downloads since Oct. 2002)
Note that the is using the Content Management System (SQL 
based) that we train on.  (our own dog food)

Note: We always offer money back on our public classes.

Vic Cekvenich
Project Recovery Specialist
<a href =””>Struts Training</a>

to keep on training, details, best practice, etc. sign up to this mail list:
(1,000 + members)

There is allways question on best practice security, above is best 
practice. Ex:

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