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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: compilation of mod_jk, Solaris 8 (intel) using ANT
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 06:25:58 GMT
I did this once a while back, just to see how.  Then I decided to stick with
"configure" and "make".

The main thing that is needed is to add ${java.home}/../include/solaris to
the <includes> section of jk/native/build.xml.  If you a building from CVS
HEAD, that should be enough.  If you are building from the 4.1.x source
distro, then don't bother adding the check, since it doesn't evaluate the OS

Also, you can avoid the sym-link with cc by defining:
in jk/

"Filip Hanik" <> wrote in message
> hey ya'all
> I am compiling mod_jk on Solaris 8 on intel platform using ANT. I am
> compiling everything fine except jk_jni_worker.c that completely barfs on
> me.
> I had to do some tweaks before I could get the rest to work here are the
> steps
> 1. Add libtool to my path
> 2. Create a symbolic link from /usr/local/bin/gcc to cc and add that to my
> path so when the program invokes cc it actually runs gcc.
> forget about mod_jk2, that one has so many errors it hurts my eyes :)
> but for mod_jk the only file that doesn't compile is jk_jni_worker.c, now
> am compiling with jdk 1.4.1, and the errors I am getting is some missing
> invalid header files from JAVA_HOME/include
> anyone succesfully compiled with another jdk, or with jdk1.4
> Filip

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