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From "neo_deets" <>
Subject Help, submit problems...
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 16:34:57 GMT
Hi Jakarta friends-

We have a three page system, the first page is the data entry page, the
second is conformation, the third is status which shows the data the user
enter for that "round".

I have been working on figuring out why when the user enters all their data
and click the submit button the page would hang as if it's waiting to submit
data.  Then rather then sending the data, the page reloads, leaving the user
on the same page (first page) with all the data they entered reset

Now here the part that I can understand:  One-  At our location this has
happend only once or twice, but at the clients location it happened almost
every time the user submitted data on the  "the first page".  Two- (and this
is the most important thing) The second time the usere entered their data
and clicked submit the data was sent right away!

Our user were haveing to enter data once hit submit, watch it fail, knowing
that it would.  Then re-enter there data knowing it would work the second

The form is using the method="post" and there is a included JavaScript that
check the form.   If anyone has ever seen anything like this please tell me.
I have been asking everyone I know and some people I just meet (thanks
Vladimer) but no one seems to have any sugestions for me.

Best Regards


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