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From "MOISSET Gérard OCISI" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 4.1 slower than Tomcat 3.3
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 13:50:20 GMT
We are working on bench,
- 1)on Linux: Apache1.3x-Tomcat4.0x (with JOnAs 2.5x)
- 2)on Solaris8, Aix433, HpUx11i: Apache1.3x-Tomcat4.1x (without JOnAS)

We can confirm that to improved your performances you need to follow
something like,
- test with a mimimal sample which is good (one with JSP, one with Servlet)
- tunable parameters from operating system for some systems
(Linux,Solaris,Hp) according to
"file descriptor limit"
"stack TCP"
"shm, sem"
- choose the good JVM and improve with its tunable parmaters
- tunable parameters according to your client requests (HTTP or SSL over
HTTP on Apache)
- monitoring with operating system commands without profiling (your sample
is good)

on  bench N°1) we found that the good JVM was SDK 1.3 from IBM not from SUN
and (1.4 is better than 1.3 but we are obliged to stay at 1.3 release for
some reasons).
We checked with Jolt/Tuxedo sample. Every thing worked fine.

on  bench N°2) we are looking for a good JVM on Solaris first step we are
trying a bench with a good SDK.

Did you check comparative tests beetween those two SDK on Solaris(IBM1.3.1
and SUN 1.3.1 with patch cluster J2SE on Release 1.3)?
We are looking for some samples (without encoding problems) to bench JDBC
driver (thin) with Oracle.
Do you know something good to do this test?

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De : Chris Agmen-Smith []
Envoyé : lundi 7 avril 2003 14:51
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Objet : Re: Tomcat 4.1 slower than Tomcat 3.3


Some good points. My comments in the text below:

> For me, it is faster, see below.
This seems to be the experience of JSP users. Velocity users, on the other
hand, are not quite so lucky, since recent optimizations seem to have
focussed on JSPs, not servlets.

> This is a hint not to look in the container but in your application.
As with all applications, ours could be tuned a little. An obvious start
point is link encoding (see below). However, the site runs very fast on
Tomcat 3.3 and poorly on 4.1, and we want to understand why, before we make
minor performance improvements in the code.

> My experience is:
> To compare the performance of a container (& JVM), its best to start
> with a minimal servlet or JSP. You can measure the > overhead for the
> whole request process.
I agree. Our minimal case is a simple Velocity template, with no database
hits. It still runs slower.

> I have used tomcat for 3 years now and I found the JVM has had more
> influence  to performance than the improvements of tc. (The old Sun
> Java2 JRE's had catastrophic performance, compared to IBMs JRE or
> the new 1.4 from Sun)
This sounds like a promising idea. Are there any alternative Java 1.4 JVMs
for Solaris? Linux and Windows seem to be replete with high-performance
alternatives, but what are the options for Solaris users?

> > We have tried profiling the app using hprof and these are the results:
> > Method                             Tomcat 3    Tomcat 4
> >         33.62%      22.60%
> >    14.15%      18.77%
> >   1.87%       3.47%
> You really should go to a more powerful profiler. This information is not
> enough to take action.
We used Optimizeit, and got the same results. It doesn't show us why Tomcat
4 chews up more CPU than Tomcat 3.

> My advice: Take your time and test thourougly, find an optimal solution.
I agree. Tomcat 3.3 is running very well indeed, we are under no time
pressure, we just want to find a servlet container that plugs in to JBoss
easily. I wonder if Tomcat 3.3 can run in-process with the latest
incarnation of JBoss? The main concern is that we want EJB calls to be
local, using EJB 2.0.

> Maybe it's a good time to check out where your application 'spends it's
> There could be a lot optimization possible, considering your long request
> times.
Yes - when we have found a servlet container that suits our application
better, then we will look at link encoding and Apache connectors to see if
we can't reduce CPU load and page generation time.

I would love to hear from other Velocity users out there who have had
similar experiences. Velocity is a great tool, and much easier to use than
JSP. Is there an environment or framework that is Velocity-compatible that
you would recommend? We use Turbine, but are looking for something newer and
more light-weight.


Chris Agmen-Smith

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