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From "" <>
Subject Taglib on tomcat 4.1.24
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 10:41:59 GMT
Thanks for the help, my tag works now but I have another 
problem (probably dues to the same bug).
I use a tag for printing table, so one for the table 
declaration called "table" some nested ones for the columns 
properties called "column".
When a column one is running, it is added to a list of columns 
placed into “table” parameters.
But the trouble occurs when there are more than 2 cols. Form 
the second col to the last one; the properties are equal to 
the last col decelerated.
In the table doStartTag(), I instance the list and the number 
of columns (to 0). And the columns tag access to this 
parameter by the setColumns(this) method.
For trying to debug it, in this function, I just print the 
name of the cols, which will be added, and the name of the 
previous col stored in the list.
So the new col name is ok but the previous on is assigned to 
the last one every time. So I think is due to the bug 
described in the document "Similarly, Iterators and 
Enumarations should not be extracted in a setXXX() method.  
setXXX() methods are meant to be "idempotent";  write them so 
that they can be called multiple times with no side effects 
(and, conversely, only once instead of multiple times if the 
argument passed is the same)." but I do not have any idea to 
fix it.

Thanks again

> perhaps the new tomcat manager keep to much things in 

Absolutely. Tag instances may be re-used. This means you can 
only do setup for your tag at the last minute in doStartTag().


for more info, explained more articulately.

Cheers, Simon

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