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From "Jan Behrens" <>
Subject RE: Forwarding from within a Servlet
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2003 16:21:37 GMT
Hi Yoav,

> The request dispatcher expects an argument starting with a /, not ../.
> The argument is relative to the context root, aka the docBase of your
> webapp.  So if your timeout.html page is at the docbase, call
> rd.include("/timeout.html").

Thanks for that, I finally got it working when I changed to
getServletContext.getRequestDispatcher() and a definite URI from my

> - Throwing a specific exception, e.g. UnauthorizedUserException, which
> you have mapped (via an <error-page> tag in web.xml) to a handler.  This
> way you don't have to the redirection manually, as the container will do
> it for you automatically.

That is a way better aproach than mine! I will try that. Again thanks for your


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