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From "Morgan Pyne" <>
Subject jk_channel_apr_socket.c strangeness
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2003 08:56:18 GMT
Hi all,

I'm compiling mod_jk2 (source code from jakarta-tomcat-connectors-4.1.24-src.tar.gz)
in the following environment:

HP-UX 11, HP's Ansi C compiler, Apache 1.3.27, apr-0.9.1

I get a couple of errors in jk/native2/common/jk_channel_apr_socket.c like:

cc: "../../common/jk_channel_apr_socket.c", line 229: error 1647: Illegal integer-pointer
combination for second and third operands of conditional expression (?:).

The line in question (229) is:

  env->l->jkLog(env, env->l, remote_sa->next ? JK_LOG_DEBUG : JK_LOG_ERROR,
                       " error %d creating socket %d %s\n",
                       ret, socketInfo->host);

This seems innocent enough, but when I looked up the definitions of the macros
JK_LOG_DEBUG & JK_LOG_ERROR, I see that they are defined in the file
jk/native2/include/jk_logger.h as:


I thought this looked a bit strange. When you run the C code through the preprocessor,
the resulting code looks like this:

  env->l->jkLog(env, env->l, remote_sa->next ? "../../common/jk_channel_apr_socket.c",229,0
 : "../../common/jk_channel_apr_socket.c",229,2 ,
                         " error %d creating socket %d %s\n",
                          ret, socketInfo->host);

(apologies for any code wrapping which may take place during posting).

Now, I haven't done any real C in a while, but the above conditional expression doesn't make
any sense to me at all, and appears to me malformed. What is this line of code trying to actually
achieve ?

Anybody else seen any problems like this?

Would appreciate anybody's insight into this, either with better C knowledge than mine, or
a better understanding of what mod_jk2 is trying to do here.

Thanks & regards,

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