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From "David Brownlee" <>
Subject Apache 1.3.27 +Tomcat 4.1.24 integration - is this scenario possible?
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 18:31:32 GMT

We've been running apache 1.3.26 and using mod_jk to pass /servet/* and 
*.jsp to tomcat 3.2.  We are now upgrading our environment and trying to 
move to using webapps packaged in war files.  I have tomcat 4.1.24 running 
and deploying webapps automatically such that after uploading foo.war, 
http://tomcathost:8080/foo/ is available automatically.  In our old setup, 
we had static JkMount directives that passed requests to tomcat when the URL 
matched a specific pattern.  This worked fine except that changing the 
pattern requires us to restart apache.  We would like to configure apache so 
that it passes all http://apachehost/apps/* requests to tomcat and that 
uploading foo.war in tomcat automatically makes that application available 
through apache at http://apachehost/apps/foo/.

Is this possible?

Can it be done with mod_jk or do I need mod_webapp/mod_jk2?

Example server.xml and httpd.conf files would be greatly appreciated.


On a completely unrelated note, we were having a problem with tomcat 
creating URLs like http://host.domain:0/... (the port is wrong) when 
send.Redirect was used with a relative path.  It turned out that, although 
apache says the BindAddress and Port directives are deprecated, mod_jk needs 
the Port directive in the httpd.conf in order to pass the port number to 
tomcat.  I searched the mailing lists for this problem but didn't find the 
answer so I hope this helps someone else.

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