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From "Mark Silva" <>
Subject Tomcat IIS Authentication Problem
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2003 17:32:56 GMT

I have an intersting problem.  I need to use the IIS Web Server, but
authenticate through a Tomcat Application.  The Tomcat Application
does some interesting things, and would take too much time to port to
a Microsoft language (since it is in Servlets, JSPs).

So I am wondering if anybody has done this before?  I know how to
redirect to Tomcat using ISAPI filter extension (isapi_redirect.dll)
but I am not sure how to communicate between the two layers, so that
the ISAPI filter knows if the user has authenticated before (using
some session info passed from tomcat).  Is there a way for Tom cat to pass some sort of parameters
to the Extension layers, when authentication has occured?

any ideas?


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