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From "Schnitzer, Jeff" <>
Subject RE: <If> STRUTS</If>
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 23:58:55 GMT
> From: Vy Ho []
> 2) With the complicated web nature, and the complicated Struts (with
> thought on the first post), isn't there some room for easier to learn,
> and quicker to adopt technology than Struts (Which may not exist yet).
> This question is silly by itself, but please give me time to explain.
> What I try to ask is that is there a currently existed technology that
> is much better than struts, or is it very forseeable that such a
> technology can be develope in a near future.  (Sure, Struts is not
> perfect, and can be improved, but I am talking a big change, not an
> improvement here).

Yes, I think there is a *lot* of room for less complicated tools that do
what Struts does.  I suggest Maverick:

IMHO it combines the best features of Struts with the best features of
Cocoon2 while being considerably simpler than either.  It doesn't try to
be a "kitchen sink" framework so there isn't as much to learn.

Jeff Schnitzer

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