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From "Dennis Cartier" <>
Subject RE: JK2 Problems
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 13:23:45 GMT
Hi Chris,

I found the same thing when I tried to move from JK to JK2. I eventually
gave up and went back to JK for now. I found the performance of JK to be
better than JK2 as well, probably due to all the log traffic.

My site is sized similar to yours and I get about ~35 Internal Server Errors
per million requests.

Under JK2 I was not able to observe any noticeable effect of all the errors
on the operation of the servers, but it made me uneasy not being able to
determine if they were benign or not.

I plan on moving back to JK2 once the development slows and the docs


-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Book []
Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2003 12:31 AM
Subject: JK2 Problems


I'm running Apache 2.0.44 with Tomcat 4.1.24, using the JK 2 connector.
Everything works most of the time, but my logs get flooded with errors from
the connector.

The apache logs are filled with the following lines:
[Sun Apr 13 00:25:38 2003] [error] jk2_init() Can't find child 23537 in
[Sun Apr 13 00:25:38 2003] [error] mod_jk child init 1 -2

I'm also getting about 10 of these messages per second:
[Sun Apr 13 00:33:03 2003] [error] channelSocket.receive(): Error receiving
message body -1 11
[Sun Apr 13 00:33:03 2003] [error] workerEnv.processCallbacks() Error
reading reply

The current setup is serving about 500,000 jsp pages per day, but I'm
getting about 20,000 Internal Server Errors per day.  Its hard to track down
the errors when my log files are just being flooded.

Can anyone explain the cause of these errors?

Chris Book

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