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From Shanta B <>
Subject servlet problem
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 10:23:26 GMT
Hi All
          I have solved my servlet redirect problem by this line of code 

           String shref = s.attachSessidToUrl("Download?contentType="
                               + contentType+"&fileName="+fileName);

before this i used   rsp.sendRedirect(shref),this one is working at our
place,but its not worked at our client,but if i type this download servlet
url in browser it doing its work fine.

Here my question is that ,why Download servlet is not identified with
absolute path( i also tried rsp.sendRedirect("/"+shref) ,this also fails).If
redirect is done by browser(making http headers) why not it identify the
absolute path of servlet.

We are using servlet2.3 and tomcat4.1.18 servlet container.I would like to
know that is there any configuration in apache to restrict servletRedirect
or it is tomcat bug???.

Thanks in advance


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