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From "Halstead, Chris" <>
Subject RE: java -server option
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 21:42:24 GMT
> Hi all,
> Thanks for the feedback.  We restart our tomcat server each 
> night - allows
> us a system maintenance window and database backups etc...  I 
> guess the
> notes I've read have talked about improvements in performance in long
> running processes. As our system is restarted each day - but we have a
> couple of hundred users - would this constitute a long 
> running process and gain
> any benefit.  Or is it simply a case of try it and see ?
> Cheers - Steve

Consider 'long-running' to be anything more than several minutes.  In the case of a servlet-based
app the HotSpot engine should be able to optimize the code quite quickly, say 30-50 requests
(I'm making a wild guess).  In any case 24 hours is _way_ more than enough to warm up oft-executed
sections of code.  You may have to benchmark it to really quantify the extent of the improvement
though - i.e. don't expect miracles or a drastic visible difference from setting '-server'


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