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From Karamat Adil IHMD <>
Subject sample openLdap ldif file wont work
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 17:47:01 GMT
Hi all,
   Can any one tell me why I cant run the sample file that is on the Tomncat
website for adding entries in the OpenLdap directory tree ? The file is as

 # Define a user named 'tomcat'
 dn: cn=tomcat,dc=xxx,dc=com
 cn: tomcat
 userPassword: tomcat
 sn: Tomcat User
 objectClass: person
 # Define a user named 'both'
 dn: cn=both,dc=xxx,dc=com
 cn: both
 userPassword: tomcat
 sn: Both User
 objectClass: person
 # Define an entry to base role searches on
 dn: dc=roles,dc=xxx,dc=com
 cn: roles
 objectClass: person
 sn: Roles Entry
 # Define all members of the 'tomcat' role
 dn: cn=tomcat,dc=roles,dc=xxx,dc=com
 cn: tomcat
 objectClass: groupOfUniqueNames
 uniqueMember: cn=tomcat,dc=xxx,dc=com
 uniqueMember: cn=both,dc=xxx,dc=com
 OK it adds the first two entries i.e tomcat and both and then when it tries
 to add the third entry it gives the following message :
 adding new entry "dc=roles,dc=xxx,dc=com"
 ldapadd: update failed: dc=roles,dc=xxx,dc=com
 ldap_add: No such attribute (16)
         additional info: naming attribute 'dc' is not present in entry
 What am I doing wrong ????

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