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From "Koes, Derrick" <>
Subject RE: Not Enough Space...when using Java+Oracle
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2003 21:43:10 GMT

Looks like maybe a disk partition problem.

-----Original Message-----
From: Hari Om [] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 2:44 PM
Subject: Not Enough Space...when using Java+Oracle


I am using IBM AIX (DUAL Processor) box for my Oracle DB. The box has around

36 GB of Memory. This box contains ONLY Oracle DB. We have 5 instances 
running on these.

Sometime, When I run my JAVA/JSP/Servlet Application which connects to 
ORacle via JDBC, it does NOT work...My APplication Log File says: NOT ENOGUH


My APP Server(Jboss + Catalina + Apache) and Oracle DB are ON DIFFERENT 
Machines and I get ERROR on my Oracle DB Server only.

My Memory status of IBM Boxes is:
root#df -k
Filesystem 1024-blocks Free    %Used Iused   %Iused Mounted on
/dev/hd4    262144     234200    11% 1638     2% 	/
/dev/hd2    1310720    577116    56% 21375    7% 	/usr
/dev/hd9var 65536      32156 	 51% 624      4% 	/var
/dev/hd3    196608     190116 	  4% 69       1% 	/tmp
/dev/hd1    14876672   3765408 	 75% 62355    2% 	/home
/proc       - - 	- - - 			 	/proc
/dev/hd10opt 65536 	57300 	 13% 297      2% 	/opt

root#bootinfo -r

root#lsps -s
(Total Paging Space)    Percent Used
512MB 			    91%

Even inspite of this it shows NOT ENOUGH SPACE.... I cannot increase the 
space of my IBM Boxes. Does anyone know how to tackle this MEMORY 
Problem....? I guess Oracle SW takes 7-10GB and everyinstance is 500-700MB 
so where is remaining memory going....? I have NOTHING on this box apart 
from Oracle...?


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