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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: Installs/deploys to work dir... why?
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2003 15:44:17 GMT

I'm a bit mystified why you have basketball.war in CATALINA_HOME/webapps 
because neither ant task copies it there.  You must have put it there 
yourself.  Stop Tomcat, remove it from webapps, and it shouldn't appear 
there again.

As for the install/deploy tasks, here are mine...

     <target name="catalina-install" depends="compile,manager.init"
             description="Install application to servlet container" >
             path="${app.path}" />

     <target name="catalina-deploy" depends="war,manager.init"
             description="Deploy web-app war" >
         <echo message="${app.war}"/>
             war="${app.war}" />

Notice that I use a context configuration file, or CCF ( ${app.ccf} ), in 
the install task.  The <Context> docBase attribute in the CCF points to the 
local directory where my build exists.  So, the app is "deployed" from 
wherever it exist on the file system and not from a .war file and it isn't 
copied anywhere like the webapps directory.

The "deploy" task includes a context configuration file in the .war file in 
META-INF/context.xml to describe the app.  I use the deploy task *only* for 
permanent installs of my application that I need to exist across server 
restarts.  And this war file does *not* end up in the webapps 
directory.  Only in the work directory for the manager app.

Hope that helps.

BTW, would you mind posting your "startup-local" target?



At 05:19 PM 4/16/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>It's really nothing special. Currently, I'm starting to develop a 
>JSP/Servlet web app which connects to a MySQL 4 DB to retrieve Basketball 
>statistics of players, games, teams etc. I started with Ant to create an 
>automation framework. I'm working on my localhost right now, but I want to 
>do the things in a way, so that I can use as much of the XML code as 
>possible for bringing the whole thing over to a remote server...
>For now, I have created two Ant targets, <install-local> and 
><deploy-local> doing the *exactly* the same. I did this just to find out 
>which task does what I expect. In the end, both tasks successfully get the 
>web app up and running, but in Tomcat directories I did *not* expect.
>Here's some code, nothing special (local means Tomcat on the localhost):
><property name="local.manager.url" value="http://localhost:8080/manager"/>
><property name="local.manager.username" value="anything"/>
><property name="local.manager.password" value="anything"/>
><property name="local.context.path" value="/basketball"/>
><property name="dist.file" location="dist/basketball.war"/>
><target name="deploy-local" depends="dist,startup-local">
>   <deploy url="${local.manager.url}"
>           username="${local.manager.username}"
>           password="${local.manager.password}"
>           path="${webapp.context.path}"
>           war="file://${dist.file}"/>
><target name="install-local" depends="dist,startup-local">
>   <install url="${local.manager.url}"
>            username="${local.manager.username}"
>            password="${local.manager.password}"
>            path="${webapp.context.path}"
>            war="file://${dist.file}"/>
>As you can see, the two targets are exactly the same, they just use the 
>deploy and install Ant tasks. The dist.file property is the war file the 
>"dist" depends task put into the development dist directory before. From 
>there the web app war is installed/deployed. The <startup-local> tasks 
>ensures local Tomcat is running (to be able to use the Manager app).
>To me the whole difference between the <install> and <deploy> is tasks is

>unclear - please enlighten me...
>The only differences I can see are:
>- the deploy task also copies the war file to the 
>$CATALINA_HOME/work/standalone/localhost/manager directory and locks the 
>file, so I can't delete it (e.g. with my Explorer)
>- when using deploy, the web app is permanently remembered between server 
>I find it pretty strange, not to find the web app war in the webapps dir, 
>and the basketball dir, too. Is there anything that might be 
>misconfigured? Though I did not edit any files or anything besides adding 
>a user/pw combo with the manager role.
>Should I simply accept it the way it is? What is going on behind the 
>scenes? Are the Ant tasks responsible for this or Tomcat?
>Morgan Pyne wrote:
>>When we use Ant to "deploy" via the manager, the WAR file gets uploaded to:
>>By default, our Tomcat is set not to expand war files, so only the actual 
>>WAR archive gets put in there.
>>Once we actually access the servlet, the files are extracted into:
>>As was already pointed out, "deploying" and "installing" are different 
>>operations and do different things, so if you clarify what you are doing 
>>we might be able to help a little more.
>>Hope this is useful,
>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>From: Euan Guttridge [] Sent: 
>>>Wednesday, April 16, 2003 13:28
>>>To: 'Tomcat Users List'
>>>Subject: RE: Installs/deploys to... why?
>>>In my (limited) experience of deploying with ant, the webapp gets 
>>>deployed into the /work directory. Extract from Wrox "Professional 
>>>Tomcat", p401:
>>>In reference to the ant deploy task:
>>>--"Note that the WAR file did not get moved to the webapps directory. 
>>>The WAR file in fact got copied to the 
>>>$CATALINA_HOME/work/standalone/localhost/manager directory and then it 
>>>was automatically expanded into the 
>>>$CATALINA_HOME/work/standalone/localhost/wrox directory."--
>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>From: Wendy Smoak [] Sent: 16 April 2003 01:36
>>>To: 'Tomcat Users List'
>>>Subject: RE: Installs/deploys to... why?
>>>Karsten wrote:
>>>>1. I'm using Ant to (deploy/)install my web app to a local
>>>Tomcat 4.1.
>>>>Any time I do that, my web app gets installed in the context path 
>>>>/basketball, which is right. The index.html is found, so
>>>the install
>>>>seems to work. However, on the local server, when looking for the files 
>>>>that have been installed, I don't get where the web
>>>>files actually are!
>>>If you used 'install', the files are wherever you told ant they were, 
>>>the files do not get moved.  Example:
>>><target name="install" depends="init" description="Install application 
>>>to servlet container"> <install url="${manager.url}" 
>>>username="${manager.username}" password="${manager.password}" 
>>>path="/${context}" war="file://w:/java/bendev/webapp" /> </target>
>>>And in w:/java/bendev/webapp is the normal directory structure you'd 
>>>find for any webapp... some html files, a WEB-INF directory, etc.
>>>>Anytime install or deploy succeeds, the directory called 
>>>is created,
>>>>however, *only* with the WEB-INF subdir recursively plus
>>>all the class
>>>Mine (4.1.24) creates the same structure, but *only* the JSP source and 
>>>.class files are there.  Look closely at the class names you find there, 
>>>aren't they the JSP's and not your other .class files?
>>>I'm getting confused as to whether you're using 'install' or 'deploy' 
>>>and they are different, so I'll stop now before I get the rest of it wrong. ;)
>>>-- Wendy Smoak
>>>Applications Systems Analyst, Sr.
>>>Arizona State University PA Information Resources Management
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