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From "Simon MacMullen" <>
Subject RE: Taglib on tomcat 4.1.24
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 13:05:18 GMT
> > > perhaps the new tomcat manager keep to much things in cache... 

> > Absolutely. Tag instances may be re-used. This means you can 
> > only do setup for your tag at the last minute in doStartTag().

> doStartTag ??? 
> isn't it doEndTag ??

Well, I meant "get things ready for your tag", not "clean up after" (as you seem to be implying)
and I specifically meant "as opposed to in constructors, instance initialisers, property writers,

> But if I use the doEndTag, Shawn says that "doEndTag() is not 
> necessarily
> called at the end of every invocation (in cases of abnormal 
> termination --
> e.g., an exception thrown inside a tag's body or by one of 
> its methods)"

If you want to clear up after each invocation, I think you want doFinally() method on the
interface TryCatchFinally?

> But why the release() method isn't called between two uses of 
> the same tag
> ??
> Is it a performance issue ???

Presumably the release() method is intended to release heavyweight objects used by the tag,
so yes.

Cheers, Simon

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