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From Murali Vivekanandan <>
Subject Memory problem with tomcat323 or Solaris
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 00:14:27 GMT

Our application on Tomcat 3.23, jdk 1.3 on Solaris  is leaking memory. The 
process size
crosses 1GB in  about 10 days time.

Probing heap with OptimizeIT did not reveal any java object leaks.
Over an interval of an hour the process size increases by about 1 to 5 MB where
as the total heap size (which we print out from within our app) does not
increase at all.

So we suspected that leak is in the native layer.  We don't use JNI
ourselves, the only JNI use in our application is the OCI driver library.

We have reviewed our code multiple times to make sure there are no unclosed

We do allocate and de allocate a lot of objects to display our search 
result pages.

Can you CC your replies to as I am not subcribed to the 
list currently?

Any thoughts?


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