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From "bognár, attila" <>
Subject Re: x-forwarded-for
Date Sun, 20 Apr 2003 14:44:00 GMT

> I meant to say (for laziness) that every attempt should be made to not 
> write a custom valve if another mechanism might do the trick. That 
> doesn't mean you shouldn't write a valve, but doing so might be a time 
> consuming task since the docs and intricacies on doing so (or any 
> extending of tomcat) is sparse and only really exists in the source 
> code. (The disadvantage of open source).

with such a valve I want to make, the proxying would be nearly totally 
transparent, that's why I'd like it (accesslogvalve could be configured 
the ususal way, more entries in the X-Forwarded-For header could be 
handled, the filter would not have to be added for every application - 
only for every context and my users would not need to take care of 
this). I would even contribute it to the tomcat project, since it is 
something that more people would need who have tomcat behind a proxy.

and (again :-) ErrorReportValve: is the casting a bug/misfunction/meant 
that way? if this is a bug and request.getRequest() is the solution, 
what's the way to fix it, e.g. commit it to the sources (somebody 
reviews it etc.)? I can make my own version of tomcat, but if this is a 
bug, everybody would benefit if it is corrected. (I can make a bug 
report, but if I can fix it for the next release, it would be simple for 
me :-)

> There are other threads in tomcat-user list where users have encountered 
> this problem. A good place to research is here:
> (I suggest search on 
> MBean and Valve)

thank you very much, I will investigate on this.


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