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From Hussein Suleman <>
Subject ~ directories and multiple webapps
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 11:32:27 GMT

i am trying to configure tomcat 4.1.24 (on a freebsd system) to allow a 
group of users to develop servlet-based webapps in their home 
directories without intervention from a sysadmin and without giving 
every one of them the manager password (since i dont want them to 
uninstall each other's webapps)

i have tried to use the UserConfig function and it seems that will only 
work for a single webapp - is there a way to have multiple webapps 
located in subdirectories off, for example, "~/webapps/"

then i thought of setting the appBase to look for subdirectories in each 
person's "webapps" directory, but it seems appBase can only look in a 
single directory - will links work if i softlinked each "webapps" into 
the main appBase ? or does it only go one level deep when looking at 
subdirectories ?

then i tried using the xml file deployment approach ... and same problem 
with only one appBase allowed

then i looked into how i can allow users to use the manager to deploy 
their own applications, but i cant find a way to allow users to manage, 
say "/home/hussein/webapps" but not other users' applications - is there 
a way to do that?

lastly, i tried to use the single app approach for users, with servlets 
crosslinked into other directories in the web.xml file. but trying to 
say "servlet-class" was "../../whatever" didnt work at all.

phew ... i've spent all morning fiddling with this ... any help anyone 
can give me will be most appreciated.


hussein suleman ~ ~

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