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From Santos Jha <>
Subject Servlet Design Question
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2003 01:36:33 GMT
Hello Everybody,

I am developing a system which finds out the application specific status 
of different servers( written in C++)  and and this data is transmitted 
to users for display.System should continuously
( every 15 seconds) poll these servers to get the data. Once user 
requests it fetches the most recent data.

In order to get the data from these servers I am planning to use socket. 
However I have few questions regarding socket and servlet.

1. Should I write a servlet with a init method  which will have
          a. for ever loop and inside the for ever loop I will be 
continuously getting the data using socket.

2. Should I write a client outside the tomcat servlet container which 
will get all the data and will be sent them to the container.
What will be the better approach? or there is something better than these.?


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