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From Erik Price <>
Subject Re: <If> STRUTS</If>
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 14:39:49 GMT

Vy Ho wrote:
> Thanks all for your comment.
> No doubt in my mind that Struts is better to use than unstructured JSP.
> There are couple things in my mind though:
> 1) Can I create MVC app without using Struts, such as separate my logic 
> out from the JSP (I know, there was an example that show there are cases 
> using struts reduce the code down dramatically, so this lead to a 2nd 
> question)

I am not using struts for my current project, but I think that I will 
check it out for the next one, because I didn't know about struts until 
fairly recently.  But I am using servlets to perform the business logic 
that dispatch to JSPs for display, which is not terribly complicated and 
doesn't require me to use all of the features of struts but which works 
just fine.  It's not a *single* controller, but it is a relatively 
limited application.

So you can still use this architecture without struts.


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