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From "Bodycombe, Andrew" <>
Subject RE: Question about Tomcat 4.1 + SSL w/IBM JDK1.4
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2003 12:30:56 GMT
I assume you are using the IBM JDK instead of the Sun JDK. The IBM JDK will
not contain any com.sun.xxxx classes

To register the IBM security provider, I think you need to change the master
security file, $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security/

The default security provider is found under the security.provider.1 line.
This should be changed from the Sun provider to the IBM provider. I don't
know the class name for the IBM provider class (I have never used the IBM
JDK), but I guess it would be or something similar.

A problem will arise if any of your code imports classes
directly. Then you will have a portability issue because your code will run
only inside the Sun JDK.

HTH, Andy

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From: [] 
Sent: 25 April 2003 17:29
Subject: Question about Tomcat 4.1 + SSL w/IBM JDK1.4

Hi all,

As i understand, it is not need to have the JSSE since the 1.4
JDK contains the classes. I'm trying to configure SSL in tomcat 
and i'm running into a wall here.

I'm getting an InvocationTargetException caused by NoClassDefFoundError
: com/sun/net/ssl/SSLContext

I reviewed the jar files in the jdk and the SSLContext class is located
in the following package: com/ibm/net/ssl/SSLContext

What should I do, how can point tomcat to the different package name
or should i restructure the jar file to sun instead of ibm?



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