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From Scott Ahten <>
Subject Strategy for Hosting Multiple Sites with Apache / Tomcat
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 22:27:48 GMT
I've managed to get Tomcat running with Apache using Mod JK2 thanks to 
the great reference found here...

[ thanks to Robert Sowders! ]

My ultimate goal is to host multiple sites on a single instance of 
Tomcat 4.1x and Apache2 using virtual hosting. Most of these sites have 
been running in Tomcat stand-alone, but I would like to front these 
sites with Apache to provide better performance on static content and 
SSL support.

Since I have Tomcat and Apache 2 talking, I am now faced with strategic 
questions which are of a less technical nature.

01. Separation of Dynamic and Static Content

Currently, all content for each domain lives in a single webapp and 
host with it's own document root. This is very convenient since we only 
have to update a single directory tree when changes are made to a site. 
Based on my observations, I will need to separate dynamic and static 
content and store them in two different document roots - one for a 
Tomcat context/webapp and another for Apache static content. This seems 
very awkward and error prone. Is there a better way to do this?

02. Webapps or Contexts in Tomcat

What is the most common way to separate dynamic content in Tomcat? 
Should I create a single host with a separate context for each domain 
or should I use multiple webapps instead?

Also, I've noticed that when I make changes to the 
file, I have to reboot - otherwise, tomcat fails to start since it 
can't bind to port 8080. Strange....

Thanks in advance,


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