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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: problem compiling modJK2, library not found
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2003 06:47:40 GMT

It looks like there are a couple of things going on.

You said you would like to try mod_jk2, but the source
you have referenced is for mod_jk.

Here's the stuff I wrote up earlier.  It's based on
Redhat Linux 9.

1. Download
jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-2.0.2-src.tar.gz from

2. Uncompress it and extract the tar file.

3. cd to

4. chmod u+x configure

5. Run configure with:

  --with-apxs2=<apache-root-directory>/bin/apxs \
  --with-tomcat41=<tomcat-root-directory> \
  --with-java-home=<java-root-directory> \
  --with-jni \

For example:

./configure --with-apxs2=/home/apache/bin/apxs \
  --with-tomcat41=/home/tomcat \
  --with-java-home=/usr/java \
  --with-jni \

6. Run make

7. The two .so files ( and will be


8. Copy those to files to
<apache-root-directory>/modules with the proper

9. Configure and restart

Second of all, it looks like you're using the Redhat
RPM for Apache 2.0.40.  Redhat places stuff all over
the map, and since it wasn't compiled that way apxs
has no clue as to where to look.

You can try to get around it by saying:


Do a ./configure --help for the exact syntax since I
am writing this from my Windows box and can't check

I recommend uninstalling both the Redhat Apache RPM
and the Apache config RPM.  Then download
httpd-2.0.45.tar.gz, uncompress, and untar it.

Change to the directory and run configure with:

--enable-modules=all --enable-shared=most
--enable-module-ssl --enable-mod-shared=ssl

Again, check the exact syntax with ./configure --help

Compile, install, and then you can build mod_jk2
without having to specify where the apr libraries are.


just my two cents . . .

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