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From Reinhard Moosauer>
Subject UserDatabase and virtual Hosts question
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 15:29:22 GMT
Hi all,

Here is a tomcat server with some virtual hosts. 
And I want to use the manager app to start/stop/deploy the webapps in
each virtual host.
I achieved this be adding the manager-context to each virtual host.

Fine, so far.
But the UserDatabase is global so that all virtual hosts share the same 
Ich want to set up a different realm for each Host. But I dont want to use 
JDBCRealm yet.

I tried this:
- Add a <Realm resourceName="VHostUserDatabase" ...  /> to the manager-context 
of each virtual host.
- Add a <Resource name="VHostUserDatabase" ... /> to the manager-context of 
each virtual host. (+ ResourceParams)
  And there I give a different path for the xml-File for each vhost.

But then I get this exception:
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name VhostUserDatabase is not bound in 
this Context

What am I doing wrong? There are no errors about xml-syntax in the logs.
Is there a HOWTO for this case?

I would have preferred to set the Ressource and Realm at <Host>-Level, but it 
seems that no Ressource-Entry is allowed at Host-Level?!

Help and hints would be much appreciated!


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