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From Vikas <>
Subject JDBC and Tomcat
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 04:08:12 GMT

Hi Community I am posting this message previously also and to tomcat-user group but not help.
I am making call to stored procedure on oracle using 
CallableStatement.After executing the statement when I am trying to return the result 
set using statement.getObject(1) it takes long time to return.This was 
on Tomcat server I tried same thing by making test bean and running it 
as standalone class.The time difference was almost around 100 secs Is 
the time difference due to the fact that i am using weberver or i am 
missing something. 
I have profiled the functionality and I have attached the result both while running it on
tomcat and while runing it standalone.There is significant difference in call to oracle.jdbc.ttc.....for
getObject() method Could you pls tell me if this is due to tomcat or something else.



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