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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: Compiling JK2 for apache troubles
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 01:12:48 GMT
Check out the recent archives.  I wrote a step by step
procedure for compiling mod_jk2 on Redhat Linux which
should be applicable to your situation.  Search for
mod_jk2 HOWTO.

That being said, it's noted in the source and
README.txt that mod_jk2 is really designed for
multi-threaded servers such as IIS and Apache 2. 
You're probably better off going with mod_jk in your

I'll write up an appropriate 'How To for the
impatient' tomorrow for building mod_jk.  It's really
not much different than the one for mod_jk2.  Only the
directory structure gets changed (and which source
collection you download).

Hopefully, I'll get my How To web site up shortly
(this week) and provide some of my documentation.

Meanwhile, if you can't find my mail in the archive
send me a note and I'll pull it from my web site

just my two cents . . .

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