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From Guillermo Payet <>
Subject Re: mod_jk and jserv
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2003 18:34:07 GMT
> I don't know if mod_jk can talk to jserv, but I do know (because I have a
> server running this way), that mod_jserv and mod_jk work just fine.  We have
> some virtual hosts still using jserv, and others using Tomcat 4.1.24.

Problem is that I just upgraded to Apache 2.0, and cannot find (or get
to compile) a mod_jserv for 2.0.

I've migrated all of my "standalone servlets" from JServ to Jetty. 
My JSP pages have been handled by Tomcat for a while. (Yes, I have 
reasons to do it that way)

The problem is that I have some servlets (written 4 years ago) that 
won't run under Jetty, and that the client doesn't want to pay to 
migrate or re-write them, so they have to stay on Jserv.  I'll try to 
move them under Tomcat.  JServ's gotta go.


Guillermo Payet
L O C A L  H A R V E S T

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