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From dwightHugget <>
Subject Re: Can Tomcat run as a Service
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2003 21:40:20 GMT
Hello Gang,
I posted a message to the groups asking how to run tomcat as a service in 
Linux. Thanks to the 4 or so individuals that responded.
I got 4 responses which had conceptually the same stuff.
My goal all along was to be able to run as many Tomcat instances as I wanted 
separately and cleanly on the same machine. I think I've made 90% progress. I 
have to deploy a web app and test a little more.

Here's the solution that satisfied my needs:
I installed the rpm version of tomcat so I had a clean base to work from and a 
good script to start with.
After learning exactly what that install did and where files and scripts were 
I made my first duplicate instance.

I created /etc/init.d/tomcatca and /etc/init.d/tomcatqa
I added runlevel 345 in these since thery weren't there.

I created separate /etc/tomcatca and /etc/tomcatqa
I made the necessary detail edits to the tomcat4.conf, server.xml, and web.xml 
to suit my needs.

I made copies of /usr/bin/dtomcat4 to dtomcat4ca and dtomcat4qa
I made the necessary edits

Key changes:
in cases of common variables like CATALINA_HOME, CATALINA_BASE, etc
I changed those all to CATALINA_CA_HOME and CATALINA_QA_HOME respectively
There were areas where the tomcat pid file was that I cahnged as well.
Yes, it was very close detail script changing but I needed this to have true 
separate instances.

I also changed the sym links of conf, temp, work etc to point to separate 
places according to ca and qa.

Does anyone see where I might have overlooked any files ?
Does anyone see where I might have missed a file that needs changing ?

Dwight Hugget

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