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From "Red Baleno" <>
Subject Please help: How to clear cookies
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 06:45:18 GMT
Actually I am not sure if it is about cookies. I am developing an shop
cart using servlet and JSP with Access Database. In the developing stage,
I am working on my PC that runs under Windows XP professional with Apache
Tomcat 4.1.18 installed. Recently I do some changes on one of my servlet
and JSP files and I write some out.println code to track my changes.
After I got what I want, I cleared up those out.println from my code. But
it is strange that after clearing up those out.println code, I still got
some variables printed out on my screen. I have re-checked the code,
restart the tomcat, clear up any cookies stored on my computer, and even
restart my computer and those variables persist on appearing on my

This morning I have chance to bring all my code to another computer and I
tried there. Everything works fine. So I suspect that somehow my computer
or tomcat store a "memory" and I don't have any idea to clear this
"memory" up. Could anybody give any input? Thanks.


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