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From Jens Skripczynski <>
Subject [OT] Re: content negotiation with tomcat
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 22:30:01 GMT
Reynir Hübner:
> to the "off topic" discussion if this is a good concept or not : 
> I am not sure I am understanding the whole concept, I really understand why I 
> should do this with normal URLS ("human readable" and "bookmarkable", urls are good)

> but I can't understand why I should want to do this with .gifs or .jpegs, or even 
> any other static content. The reasone for I am saying this is the fact when I click 
> a link I want to know if I am about to download a simple jpeg or a webpage or even a

> pdf. I think that is something the user might want to know before clicking the link,

> and I think that is a matter of browseability of a webpage. 
I belief this system is to used for all external available URL's. 

For exmaple images (the ever famous "valid html xxx" pictures do follow this example)
the official URL is 

So if sometime in the future the beliefs they should change ihe image
content from jpg to png these URL will still be valid.

Of course some dot jpg for a bullet list on a webpage is unlikely to be linked
by someone externally.

> The most probable cause for me not understanding the concept is the fact that I cannot

> read the page : as I always get some error response
"Not Acceptable"....

> Maybe someone can clarify this for me ?
What Browser are you using ?

To me: lynx, Opera, IE work
Lynx Programmversion 2.8.4rel.1 (17 Jul 2001)
libwww-FM 2.14, SSL-MM 1.4.1, OpenSSL 0.9.6b
Kompiliert auf linux-gnu, Jul 31 2001 09:03:10


Jens Skripczynski
E-Mail: skripi-lists(at)myrealbox(dot)com

Wisdom comes with age, 
but sometimes age comes alone.

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