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From Stephen Peterson <>
Subject Cannot load JDBC Driver class
Date Sun, 06 Apr 2003 13:25:47 GMT
Thanks for everyone's responses.

Darian Shimy's comment
>  Note the COM in all caps.

was the root problem - after I fixed this, things worked much
better!  The next problem I received, I think was alluded to
by the first reply by Fabio Mengue that the user and pw
parameters must be specified in the xml.  The java stmt
Connection conn = ds.getConnection("user","pw");

triggers this problem:

The Websphere datasource can take a userid and password argument
on getConnection.  I use this
to authenticate with the login screen on the AIX server, so with
Tomcat maybe I'll have to
do this connection without pooling - the pooling probably
doesn't help much with overhead anyway
for this situation.

Some other points suggested in the responses:

- The url value is typically all lower case in IBM/websphere
examples and that is what worked
- in windows, I took out all modifications to setclasspath.bat,
and it worked fine - the extension was .bat, not .sh as I
incorrectly wrote.  It also worked fine starting as a service
instead of using startup.bat, although I don't seem to get
stdout appearing anywhere as I do when using  The
logs directory is empty.
- regarding the db2profile question I had earlier, I think that
was all a non-issue on Windows.  The IBM DB2 client software
'catalogues' a database name on the pc, which the db2 driver
seems to be able to connect to without any other additional
configuration efforts.  
- regarding the net driver - yes I used that several years ago
when I had built an applet.  I have read in IBM news groups that
the net driver is much less efficient than the app driver and so
the app driver is always preferred when using websphere, or, I
would speculate, any other app server.

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