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From dwightHugget <>
Subject Re: Tomcat vs. JBoss
Date Sun, 06 Apr 2003 07:41:39 GMT
On Sunday 06 April 2003 07:16, professed:
> Hi there,
> At my company some are discussing to replace our Tomcat installation with
> JBoss application server.
> What are the main arguments pro/contra using Tomcat/JBoss?
> Is anybody able to share some production experiences?
> To my mind it seems
> *) if I need EJB -> take JBoss
> disadvantage: more complex
> *) if I need the reference J2EE engine -> take Tomcat
> advantage: easier to use, less overhead with EJB
> What do you think?
> cheers,
> Johannes

Not a fair comparison.
Jboss is a J2EE container that features Jetty as the web container.
The real comparison is that of Jetty vs. Tomcat.
Some argue that Jetty is a bit more secure and lighter that Tomcat.
I never argue those points unless I see benchmarks for the same conditions. 
Most people don't have real benchamarks so take that in stride.

JBoss can be configured to work with TomCat.

I agree with you that if you don't need EJB's and the other ilities (ie. 
scalalbility, security, manageability) then I would think again.

I came to a project where they had jBoss & Struts and all they were doing was 
reporting via the web. Way to bring a "sledge hammer" to an ant. I tore that 
out and went straight MVC with nothing but good design patterns, OO 
principles, Oracle, and Tomcat.

that's my spin
Dwight Hugget

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