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From Paul Yunusov <>
Subject Re: Form Auth
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 18:33:32 GMT
On Tuesday 01 April 2003 10:05 am, Michael D. Kirkpatrick wrote:
> I am not quite sure if this question is suitable for this mailing list.  If
> not, please forgive me.
> I am using the form authentication for adding security to one of my apps.
> Since this app will be in use with several web sites, I am forced to pass
> something like "?site=somesite" in my url.
> The problem that I am running into is that on the actual login form, I do
> not have access to the original query string.
> The login page has 2 links: Create account and Recover Password.
> I need that original query string so I can reference the proper web site's
> information.
> What I have access to is the query string of
> "/some_app/login.jsp?name=value" for displaying the login screen.
> That query is what I have placed in web.xml.
> So here is my question.  How can I capture the original query string or
> make the query string in web.xml dynamic?

I have a gut feeling you want to know how to keep a parameter across requests. 
There is an abstraction called "session" for storing data across multiple 
servlet requests from the same client. Check the 
javax.servlet.http.HttpSession interface and, in particular, its setAttribute 
and getAttribute methods.


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