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From Kevin Williams <>
Subject error configuring with apache
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 17:28:27 GMT
 I'm completely stumped and hope someone can help me.  I need to
 configure Apache so that it serves the static pages and forwards the
 dynamic pages to tomcat.  For this I decided to use the Webapp Connector
 I downloaded the file from
 (it was in the webapp-modules-1.0-tc40-linux-glibc2.2.tar.gz file).
 I then copied the file to the modules directory and added
 the following to my httpd.conf file: "LoadModule webapp_module
 To test this confuration I ran apachectl configtest.  Instead of success
 I got the following error: "cannot load /etc/httpd/modules/
 into server: /etc/httpd/modules/mod_webapp.sp: undefined symbol:
 I have no idea what this error message means, or how to fix it.  My
 other option is to use the JK2 connector, but WARP seems much easier to
 configure (and is supposed more efficient as well).
 I am running on Redhat Linux 8.0 w/ Apache HTTP 2.
 Thanks in advance,
 Kevin Williams

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